The Project

Integrated strategy for CBRN Threat Identification and Emergency Response (TIER) is financed by ISEC EU program and has a budget of 555.184,48. The University of Piemonte Orientale is the lead partner and the consortium encompassess another university (Lyon 1), two private research centres (Tecnalia and isw) and two private companies (Objet Direct and Novareckon) .

The project aims at reaching the following outputs:

– Assess the main risks and threats related to the potential malicious use of CBRN materials

– Develop a knowledge management tools, based on previous experiences of the partners, for threat identification

– Improve systems for data collection and sharing between different actors involved in emergency sistuations

– Develop new methodologies for personnel training with regard to different actors involved in emergency situations

– Develop new methodologies for training and response assessment

– Create an integrated strategy for emergency response based on threat identification and assessment

– Perform training activities related to two different scenarios

– Evaluate the effectiveness of this strategy in two different scenarios, in terms of costs and potential in saving lives

– Share good practices and raise awareness about potential malicious use of CBRN materials